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11th International Workshop on Software Clones

February 21, 2017, Klagenfurt, Austria

In conjunction with SANER 2017



The purpose of this workshop is to provide a common forum for this important research area as it continues to grow in application breadth and technical depth. The goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners to evaluate the current state of research, discuss common problems and emerging directions (such as clone detection in software models, clone analysis in re-engineering for reuse, clone analysis in software evolution, and clone detection in copyright and plagiarism), to exchange ideas and discover new opportunities for collaboration, to explore and envision new applications and areas of research, and to present and discuss new empirical results, new insights and new approaches in clone analysis and detection. In particular, we expect the in-depth analysis of use cases and experiences of clone management in practice to further shape our research.

The expected outcome is a catalog of open issues that should be addressed in the near future, concrete plans for research to address these issues, and new international collaborations to work on them.